Work it!: Graduation day outfit

This was the first year I’ve been available to go to graduation at my school. I was really stressed about what I was going to wear, knowing I would be meeting my students’ parents and all. But then my friend Patti reminded me that we would have black gowns covering whatever we were wearing anyway! So I wore this:

Graduation OutfitThe only thing that really mattered was my hair, and LOOK AT HOW GREAT MY HAIR IS!! This purple hair just never gets old for me.

That shirt is one of my favourites, though this is the first time I’ve ever worn something under it. My fashion mantra of the summer has been “Wearing clothes only because I can’t be naked.” Meaning it needs to be see-through, or short, or tiny, or whatever comes close to fulfilling the almost no clothes requirement. Luckily it’s been so hot lately that I can live up to these expectations I’ve so graciously placed on myself.

It’s such a nice feeling to give yourself permission to be scandalous. You can see my bra through my shirt? Oh, really? I’m not wearing a bra? *gasp* You can see my underwear coming out from the bottom of my short shorts? Damn right.

I love it. I want to be scandalous forever. It’s such a unique feeling to walk down the street and own the hypersexual fashion choices I’ve made. Sometimes I wonder if I need to question these sorts of choices–I think we should probably question everything we do, so let me answer this. I do it first, because I like it. Second, because it’s really hot out and the less clothes the better. Third, because I look amazing. And fourth, I want to be a little pushy with my body and my sexuality. I think all women should be.

Work it!

3 thoughts on “Work it!: Graduation day outfit

  1. You give me so much confidence to do stuff like this. I tend to over-think things, but the way you approach life makes me realize that sometimes you just need to do things just to do them. Give no fucks!

    • That’s right. Give no fucks about what other people might think about you anyway. Do give fucks about the things that matter to you though. But people who body-shame or slut-shame you, fuck them. It would be nice if we had an opportunity to school them in just how ignorant, hurtful, and stupid they’re being but we don’t always have the luxury of being safe while doing that. So better to live your life, give no fucks, and you do you.

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