Katie’s 30 Before 30

I posted this before on my Tumblr awhile back, but I’ve edited it a bit and am now posting it here.

I’ve made a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. I turn 30 in 1 year 12 weeks and 5 days. All of these goals are measurable, achievable, specific, and realistic. They also all have breakdowns of the ways in which I hope to accomplish them. I think it’s totally doable, right?!

1. Learn Korean
2. Go to England
3. Meet Patrick Stewart
4. Get in shape enough to join a masters synchro team
5. Get my masters in something
6. Have Scarlett learn my name as soon as possible
7. Make a video that’s longer than 7 minutes
8. See Big Bang
9. Finish writing a story
10. Do the splits
11. Get more tattoos Done!
12. Dye my hair a fun colour Done!
13. Paint a series of paintings
14. Publish an article with a publication I respect
15. Start a magazine/make a clothing line (even if only for myself)
16. Have a real world art show
17. Record a song about my cats
18. Go to New Orleans
19. Do 60 lengths in 60 minutes
20. Frame all art
21. Do the Lakeshore trail
22. Go to three MLB ballparks I’ve never been to before
23. Take a photo at every subway station
24. Learn to french braid properly
25. Build a coffee table
26. Go to a Lions game
27. Memorize a poem
28. Create an awesome choreographed dance routine and perform it with people I like
29. Volunteer
30. Cosplay as a Star Trek character at a convention of some kind

It doesn’t look like I’ve achieved much so far, but I’ve put a lot of plans in action in order to accomplish many of these goals. For example I will be meeting Patrick Stewart at FanExpo in Toronto at the end of August. Big Bang is coming to New Jersey in November and my brother and I are going. Matt and I are planning an MLB ballpark tour and a trip to New Orleans. My first tattoo appointment is August 11. I’m starting my masters application now. I’ll be taking my first Korean language lessons in the fall. So plans are in motion to complete all these goals. The ones I’m having the most difficulty with are the fitness ones, numbers 4, 10, and 19. I’ll get it though. Hopefully!

Except I’m now going to eat some chips and watch some Star Trek. Uh…

Don’t judge me.

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17 thoughts on “Katie’s 30 Before 30

  1. This is an excellent list! I hope sincerely that you accomplish all of these things. And it does seem very realistic that you could do so.
    Also if you come to New Orleans my life will be enriched just knowing that we are in the same city.
    I think the item on this list I am most excited about is you meeting Patrick Stewart. That will be one hell of a blog entry.

  2. You can do it, Katie! I like your choice of goals – lots of opportunity creation in there! ;-)

    I’m sorry you’ve encountered some push-back about your art in your professional life. I’ve had to make separation of my work and creative sides, too, if only for slightly more mundane reasons. You’ll find a way through, so hang in… -P xo

    • It’s alright. I never expected to go through life and have it be all smooth sailing. :)

      I’m sure everything will work out, or I’ll make it work out.

  3. I just wanted to say that I love that you’re blogging on a site that allows replies, now. That’s my biggest beef with Tumblr — you can reblog, and sorta comment that way, but it’s more scattercasting than sharing. :)

    So hi! Hope you’re having a great day. :D

  4. Congrats on your new site. Sorry to hear about your job opportunity loss, unfortunately the establishment doesn’t care to much for those that dont give fuks. The system seems to be set up to ensure more people live in fear than in joy. I guess the lesson here is take ownership of your own joy. Your 30 before 30 list looks pretty do able. What i like to do is add one when i check one off. Good luck. Keep on keeping on : ) gj

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  6. Really love your list and sorry for the fact your job got in the way of your art, kinda been there myself. I would love to dye my hair back to pink and do more nudes without it coming down on my professional head.

    Seriously do try and get to New Orleans, I reckon you would love it. I think I left a part of my heart there, which really sucks for a girl who lives hundreds of thousands of miles. Try and go during mardi gras and stay until the week after when it all dies down. Get a local to show you around if possible (hell, many of my firends were followers of your back on Flickr so sure they could talk geek with you and drive you around) as the tourist view is so incredibly different.

    Also don’t know if you remember me from Flickr. But I have a similar tattoo to your Seneca one :)

  7. Of course, there’s always Minute Maid Park in Houston. I live about two miles away. A small bike ride or a really nice walk… Ahem.

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