Work it: It’s been very hot lately.

It’s actually raining as I type this, which I’m very happy about and may venture out into later because Matt is stranded at work with no umbrella and no change for the TTC so I’d meet him half way with an umbrella big enough for the both of us. However, for the past very many weeks it has been extremely hot. There hasn’t been a day that it’s felt like it was under 30. I don’t remember a summer being this hot for a while. Definitely the hottest I’ve spent while living in Toronto. And humid! What am I? In Windsor? Ha! (It was always hot and humid in Windsor.)

So humid that when I bring my camera outside from the cool, air conditioned environment of my apartment, the lens fogs up!

I am certainly no expert on fashion, nor do I spend much time keeping up on trends or creating my own. When it comes to fashion, I just like it to be practical with a bit of my own flair, not too much. I don’t like wearing rings because I don’t like them getting caught on things. I don’t wear dangly earrings for the same reasons (though I have many many pairs of stud earrings that I never leave the house without). I never wear bracelets or necklaces because sometimes the sounds of them jangling bothers me, or I get them caught on things. I don’t know what I’m doing that I’m continually getting attached to things but apparently it happens a lot! As much as I love the way heels look, I don’t like wearing them because I like to wear shoes I can run in. I like dresses in the summer because they provide a draft but I hate how so few come with pockets. I dislike purses because I don’t like carrying things, but there are certain things I bring with me everywhere to always be prepared so I keep buying purses hoping to find one that I like. (One day I should do one of those “What’s in my Bag” photos.)

I think my obsession with practicality is a result of Matt always being paranoid, my fear of the end of civilization (not really zombies, but anything could happen at anytime and society as we know it could collapse as people lose faith in their governments and revolt against the blatant injustices of our world…or something), and my desire to always be comfortable.

It’s a bit unfortunate because I really love femme and everything it is. Like, totally adore it and all my femme friends, and spend hours looking at femme fashion blogs, but aesthetically, it’s just not for me. Politically, however, I think a lot of what femme is about is giving yourself permission to enjoy things that others may believe weaken you, and also to celebrate the freedom that comes with that mindset. Embracing and owning your choices because you know you made them for yourself is what femme looks like to me. Sometimes I’m like, why am I not living more radically (in fact I have a post in the drafts that is about this notion) but I think it could be a radical idea to just realize what doesn’t work for you and what does and to do that.

So, in this hot weather, I want to be comfortable, and practical, and kinda badass looking. Oh, did I mention I’m unemployed? In the summer months, I don’t have a job and as a result, I don’t leave the house very often. So I gotta be honest with you, most days I don’t even get dressed. When I do leave, this summer has mostly been black short shorts and sheer black tops, or Star Wars shirts and jeans. (I got these jeans at Target a while back and I can’t stop wearing them. Is Mossimo my favourite brand? It could be. Remember when they used to have Mossimo at Zellers? It’s gotten better since then.)

I basically just look hot and awkward all summer. And very pasty.

I just want to stay cool. Temperature wise. I apply sunscreen like it’s going out of style. I never leave the house without putting it on any parts of my body that the sun can see. I just burn way too easily to risk it. I don’t like to sweat so I try to be as cool as possible. Yes, I’m one of those people who walks around with an umbrella when it’s very sunny out. It’s so practical!

Ha! I love how I label these sorts of posts as “fashion” posts and then ramble on about jeans from Target and how I like to be prepared for the apocalypse. If you want to read a real fashion blog, go read Julia’s blog or her tumblr. Julia really loves and appreciates fashion and you will like her, because she approaches fashion with a critical feminist eye and deconstructs the politics of fashion. She is very badass and I suggest you go and read what she has to say. While I am new at this whole real blogging thing and mostly just ramble a lot, Julia comes legit with substance, a point, and all the goods to back it up.

Those black jeans are also Mossimo. I’m secure in this choice. And look at Logan, being all cute and stuff.

I also just really like fall fashion, and sort of spend the summer months waiting for that first chilly night. I like sweaters over button ups. I like not wearing sandals. I like turtlenecks.I like hoodies. I like combat boots with cargo pants and sheer blouses. Sigh. Fall is so wonderful.

I’ll just spend the summer in a bathing suit and be done with it.

Because DAMN. Why wouldn’t I?


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