Take a picture, it lasts longer: Faye Daniels

The incredible Faye Daniels at our latest shoot at the Gladstone in Toronto. You should click on this photo to view it full-size. It’s my favourite.

I met Faye Daniels a year ago. I booked a hotel room last August and she met me there to model for me. I’d luckily seen Faye’s modeling through Jack Scoresby reblogging her on his Tumblr, and when I discovered she lived in my area, I realized just how lucky I truly was. The woman is beautiful, sweet, adorable, and kind. As soon as she walked in everything was easy. Our conversation was easy, we worked well together, and the woman is a dream to photograph. Some people are so comfortable and knowledgeable in front of a camera that I don’t have to do anything at all. Just press the shutter. Faye is exactly like that. I give her no direction, just occasionally tell her, “Hold that for a minute!” And after that first shoot I ended up with a ton of photos that I really loved.

Faye from our first shoot in August 2011 at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto.

There are those people you come across in life who make you wonder how you went so long without knowing them. Faye is a few weeks older than I am. We both have brothers who are four years younger than us. We’ve had similar experiences with our families. We both have day jobs that have nothing to do with our art lives. But Faye is a thousand times more eloquent and lovely than I am. Spending time with her is fun and she makes me laugh, but also really listens when I talk and is extremely intelligent and self-aware.

Faye Daniels at the Gladstone in Toronto, July 2012.

We got together the other day to take pictures of one another, and though the threat of rain forced us to cancel our original plans of a photo-taking roadtrip, Faye booked a hotel room at the Gladstone and we shot there instead. The photos I took of Faye this time were just as beautiful as the first time. It’s easy with Faye. We had lunch and talked the entire time about our lives and the similarities and differences and it sort of felt like I’d known Faye for much longer than the one year that it’s been.

Faye laughing at the window in the Red Room of the Gladstone in Toronto.

Faye also took pictures of me at the Gladstone. I rarely model for other people and hadn’t done it for a very long time, but Faye didn’t give me much direction and just said “Do you.” So I did.

Me by Faye Daniels in the Red Room at the Gladstone. I do this pose a lot. It would be better if I were more flexible. Watching the Russian gymnasts today has inspired me. Ladies can bend.

It’s always fun to take pictures with someone who is both a model and a photographer because then you end up with photos like this:

From the Gladstone in July 2012.

From the King Edward Hotel, August 2011.

You know. Adorable photos. I <3 Faye Daniels.

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One thought on “Take a picture, it lasts longer: Faye Daniels

  1. Awesome pictures Katie! Faye is lovely and you are not ony a phenomena model as you are photographer!

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